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Celebrity News


You can be famous but not be a celebrity. If you’re a celebrity, most likely you are famous too. In fact, an infamous person can also be a celebrity. Welcome to the English language… and the world of celebrities.

The word celebrity itself comes from the Latin word celebritatem (nom. celebritas) meaning “multitude, fame,” from celeber meaning “frequented, populous,” stemming from celebro meaning meaning, “to go to a place often.” In short, a person becomes a celebrity when he/she has gained the attention of the wider public (and media).

And for the public – or media – to gain access to celebrities, they’ll have to contact a celebrity wrangler, the person who negotiates with a celebrity’s agent, manager, or publicist to ensure the celebrity’s attendance at an event.

Which is something a celebriphilian will be interested in; that is a person with an abnormally intense desire to have a romantic relationship with a celebrity. But usually the closest they’ll get to it is watching a celebreality, a TV show featuring celebrities allowing cameras into their homes or lives, such as was with The Osbournes and Celebrity Boot Camp.

A celebutante is a celebrity who is well known in fashionable society… and most likely would not write a celeblog.