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Global Warming – Hot or Not

Hot debate about global warming

Global warming – the term was coined by scientists Wallace Broecker – is a hotly contested debate among scientists, politicians, wannabe weathermen, concerned citizens and the public in general. The basic question: “Is it hot or not?

While this site has won many accolades on the accuracy of our factoids and histroids – after all, we have been churning out factoids for radio stations, newspapers, etc. since 1984 – when reporting on the issue of global warming we thought it best to keep the wit of others in mind and follow the ancient Chinese proverb: To prophesy is extremely difficult – especially with regard to the future.

Of course, when a topic creates a huge buzz, one cannot help but wonder about it. Correctly so, for as a Greek proverb would have it: Wonder is the beginning of wisdom. Is it hot or is it not? Is there enough food or water or oil? Why are politicians making global warming an election issue? Perhaps Harry S Truman knew the answer: “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.”

After much searching through reference sources and talking to our wise friends and visitors, we found our final answer on the issue of global warming in Albert Einstein’s wisdom: God does not play dice with the universe.