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Fifteenth Century History

1400 – 1449

1400 First golf balls made. The spinet, a small piano, invented.

1410 The earliest known English carol written by Ritson in 1410.

1412 Joan of Arc born in France.

1415 Execution of Jan Hus, Czech religious reformer, who lectured on the philosophy of Aristotle and John Wycliffe and believed that there was “but little of God’s truth at the papal court.” He denounced the sale of indulgences, the same issue that would move Martin Luther to criticize the church in 1517.

1420 Brunelleschi begins work on the duomo in Florence.

1421 Hoisting gear invented in Florence.

1428 Joan of Arc leads French against English.

1429 Henry VI becomes King of England – he is younger than a year old.

1430 Joan of Arc captured by Burgundians and turned over to the English.

1431 Joan of Arc burned at the stake after ecclesiastical trial.