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Second Century History

100 – 149

100 Jewish Christians forced to leave the Jewish fold.

105 Chinese government servant named Ts’ai Lun invents paper, made from hemp waste, mulberry fibers, rags, and other materials. (It would take many centuries for this invention to travel west, reaching Samarkand, Central Asia, in 751 and Baghdad in 793, arriving in Europe in the 12th century.)

107 Persecution of Christians.

117 Hadrian rules Rome (till 138), establishes a postal system and codifies Roman law.

122 Emperor Hadrian begins construction on a 117 km (73 mile) long wall between England and Scotland. (Parts of the Hadrian wall still stands.)

125 Christians persecuted.

127 Alexandrian astronomer, cartographer, and mathematician Ptolemy (Claudius Ptolemaeus) publishes Almagest, in which he catalogued 1,022 stars – the previous known number of stars being 850. His work influenced astronomy studies for 14 centuries.

132 First seismoscope developed in China; it detected an earthquake 400 miles away.

136 Jewish revolt suppressed – dispersion of Jewish race.

140 Han Jing-di’s son becomes Emperor Wu of China.

149 Chinese dictionary of 10,000 characters produced by Hu Shin. Rome begins third war against Carthage, a war that Carthaginians do not seek.