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Fifth Century History

400 – 449

401 Visigoths begin to attack the northern Italy.

406 Gunderic, King of the Germanic Vandals, attack towns and cities in Gaul.

407 Roman legions withdrawn from Britain; Picts, Scots and Saxons invade. The Saxons become rulers of the British Isles.

410 Goths attack Rome. Alaric lead the Asiatic Huns to attack the Roman Empire, sacking Rome in August. They introduce pants to the Roman Empire, which replace traditional togas.

414 Changra Gupta II dies.

421 Bahram V, Sassanid king, begins persecution of Christians. City of Venice is founded by Romans fleeing from Germans.

430 St. Augustine of Hippo dies as the Vandals besiege his city.

432 St Patrick returns to Ireland and confronts King Laoghaire who allows him to spread Christianity.

440 December 25th was not celebrated as the birthdate of Christ until this year. See Christmas

441 Anglo-Saxons, fleeing Huns advancing on northern Europe, invade Britain.

446 Vortigern leads Anglo-Saxon mercenaries and Britons against the Picts (from Scotland) and Scots (from Wales).

449 Angles and Saxons conquer Britain.